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Style 28 Diamonds and Squares….$150

Another understated and elegant abalone inlay pattern from the 1930s Martin company.

diamonds and squares diamonds and squares  P5101891P5101892 The End

Style 42 snowflake fingerboard inlays.... $450

These inlays harken back to the early days of Martin guitars, first used in 1898. I’ve always liked them.

Style 42 snowflakes The End

Style 45 snowflake fingerboard inlays.... $650

I love these old Martin fingerboard inlay patterns, this one first appeared In 1914.

This inlay is on a Style A Special which also has a style 41 top trim.

style 45 inlays Style 45 inlays style 45 inlays style 45 inlays style 45 inlays The End

Small Scroll Vine...$850

Flower Vine....$900

I designed this inlay as a reflection of the Style A headstock inlays.

flower vine inlay The End

Tree of Life....$2000

This is a classic old Martin inlay.

PA071062 PA071068 PA071070 PA071060 PA071061 The End