Kim Walker guitars are evolutionary designs inspired by American guitars that were constructed during the classic pre-World War II era. Rather than being copies of guitars from that period, they are refinements or interpretations of those designs. Perhaps, variations on a theme would be more accurate.

Each one of my guitars comes standard finished with a gloss varnish. This fabulous finish is very durable, has a warm glow and helps impart that dry vintage tone.

All my guitars are made with an adjustable truss rod in the neck which helps maintain proper playability.

I use an “advanced” scalloped bracing system for the tops. More importantly though, I tap tune each guitar for maximum tone, volume, and presence. My guitars have good dynamic range, good clarity with good separation of notes, and are warm, vibrant, and with thick singing trebles.

New Gallery

I just finished a new gallery. It’s been fun going back through old photos and remembering guitars.